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Innovation in waterproof coating for leather labels: the art of improving performance and maintaining texture

Jun 27,2024

In the world of leather products, labels are not only a carrier of product information, but also an intuitive display of brand image. However, traditional leather labels often struggle to maintain their original dryness and clarity when faced with rain or humid environments. In order to solve this problem, modern leather technology adopts the method of coating one or more layers of waterproof coating on the surface of the leather label, thereby significantly enhancing the waterproof performance of the leather.

Material selection for waterproof coatings is critical. Polymer materials such as polyurethane and polyamide are favored for their excellent waterproof properties and abrasion resistance. These materials can form a dense film that effectively blocks moisture penetration, allowing leather labels to remain dry in humid environments. At the same time, they also have good wear resistance and can withstand friction and wear in daily use, extending the service life of leather labels.

Coating treatments are not without cost. It may change the look and feel of the leather label somewhat. For brands that pursue natural texture, excessive coating may cause the leather to lose its original luster and softness, affecting consumers' experience. Therefore, when choosing whether to coat or not, there are trade-offs based on specific needs.

In practical applications, coating treatments can be customized according to different usage scenarios and product positioning. For example, for leather labels for outdoor products, you can choose a thicker coating to enhance the waterproof performance; while for leather labels for high-end leather goods, you can minimize the impact on the appearance and feel of the leather while maintaining waterproof performance.

With the advancement of science and technology, new waterproof coating materials and technologies are constantly emerging. These new materials and technologies not only have better waterproof performance, but also better maintain the original texture and luster of the leather. Therefore, for leather label manufacturers, constantly paying attention to the development of new materials and new technologies will help improve the competitiveness and market share of their products.

Applying one or more layers of waterproof coating to the surface of leather labels is an effective method to improve waterproof performance. By selecting appropriate coating materials and technologies, and customizing them according to specific needs, you can significantly improve its waterproof performance and service life while maintaining the original texture and luster of the leather. This will help improve the overall quality and competitiveness of products and meet consumer demand for high-quality leather products.