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Product Description

A business card, an ancient Chinese name thorn, is a piece of paper that indicates the name and the organization to which it belongs, company unit and contact information. Business cards are the fastest and most effective way for new friends to meet each other and introduce themselves. The exchange of business cards is the first standard official act of business interaction.

Business Card is the identity symbol of a person in social life, and also the fastest and effective way for new friends to know each other and introduce themselves. A well-designed business card can further enhance personal and corporate image. We have a professional design team and equipment to customize your business card.

Description of Value

A business card is an identity symbol of a person in social life. In today's social life, there are many occasions where a business card needs to be used. It can play the role of" self introduction ". It serves as a representative of a person in social members and is a kind of identity symbol in social form. The significance of a business card has three aspects and needs to be analyzed according to the specific situation of the card holder.

Services Available

In the digital information age, everyone's life, work and study are inseparable from various types of information. Business cards transmit information about enterprises, people and businesses in their unique forms. A personalized business card design can quickly spread information to the business card, which brings great convenience to life.

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    Process Technology

    Laser printing is the most widely used printing method. Offset printing and silk screen are also inseparable from laser printing, and their simple plate making is also done by laser printing. The laser printing can be divided into two categories: black and color, which can be used to make computer business cards of different grades.

Product Parameters

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    (craft or fancy paper, coated art or ivory board paper) / woven fabric/ Plastic /PVC/Frosted PVC/PU/genuine leather, etc.

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    Size & Color:

    Any size & any color is available.

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    Gold/sliver hot-stamping, spot UV, embossing; die-cut to shape, glossy/matt lamination, protect varnish, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Business Card Wholesale

Jiaxing IZZA Printing Co., Ltd is China Business Card suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have passed IS09001 quality system management certification, our company has strong technical force ad advanced printing equipment, such as four-color Heidelberger Speedmaster, Heidelberger Suprasetter,double-color Heidelbubrger offset press, Heidelberger GTO, HP Indigo 5600, etc. we can provide design, printing, and logistics with one-step service. We custom design Business Card wholesale direct from our factory.

High-End Equipment


  • German Speedmaster Four Colors

  • Heidelberg CTP output

  • Heidelberg two-color offset press

  • Heidelberg GTO, HP INDIGO 5600

  • Design, plate making, printing, binding, etc.

Fast And Efficient


  • Short delivery time

  • Professional follow-up

  • Find the problem and solve it
    as soon as possible

Customer Stability


  • Long-term and stable customer base

  • Cooperation with well-known enterprises
    at home and abroad

  • Accept nearly a thousand orders of
    different materials, shapes and styles

  • long-term printing work



  • Provide high-quality printing products
    for all walks of life

  • Always be passionate about customers

  • Take our work seriously

  • Continue to surpass yourself

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Industry knowledge

What design elements should be considered for a business card?

Branding: Your business card should reflect your brand identity. Incorporate your logo, brand colors, and typography that align with your overall brand style.
Card Size and Orientation: Standard business card sizes are typically 3.5 x 2 inches, but you can also opt for square or custom shapes. Decide whether you want a landscape or portrait orientation based on your design and content layout.
Layout and Hierarchy: Organize the information on your business card in a clear and visually pleasing way. Use a hierarchical structure to prioritize the most important details, such as your name and contact information.
Typography: Choose legible fonts that match your brand's personality. Opt for a combination of fonts, such as a bold font for your name and a clean, readable font for other details.
Color scheme: Select a color palette that complements your brand and ensures readability. Use colors consistently across your card, but avoid using too many different colors to maintain a clean and professional look.
Contact Information: Include essential details such as your name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, and website. Keep this information concise and easy to read.
White Space: Allow for sufficient white space on your business card to create a balanced design. Avoid cluttering it with too much information or graphics, as it can make the card look overwhelming and less professional.
Imagery and Graphics: Consider incorporating relevant visuals or graphics that align with your brand or industry. This can include icons, patterns, or illustrations that enhance the overall design.
Finishing Effects: Consider using special finishes or textures to make your business card stand out. Options like embossing, foiling, or spot UV can add a tactile and premium feel.
Print Quality: Ensure your business card is printed on high-quality cardstock with a suitable thickness. A well-printed card with good paper stock will leave a positive impression on recipients.

What is the appropriate etiquette for exchanging business cards

Exchanging business cards is a common practice in professional settings and can play a significant role in networking and establishing connections. Here are some guidelines for the appropriate etiquette when exchanging business cards:
Be prepared: Always carry a sufficient number of your business cards with you to ensure you can exchange them when the opportunity arises.
Timing and context: Exchange business cards after initial introductions and a brief conversation. It's generally more appropriate to wait until there is a natural break in the conversation or when you're about to conclude the interaction.
Presentation: Offer your business card with both hands, holding it by the edges, ensuring the recipient can easily read the information. This gesture demonstrates respect and professionalism.
Exchange and receive: Offer your card first, and then extend your hand for the other person's card. Accept their card with a nod or a brief thank you.
Observe and acknowledge: Take a moment to briefly look at the received card, showing interest and respect. Make a mental note of their name and any other pertinent information on the card.
Conversation: Engage in further conversation, acknowledging the exchanged cards and the potential for future contact or collaboration. Use this opportunity to ask any questions or express interest in their work or services.
Proper handling: Store received business cards carefully, such as in a cardholder or a specific section of your wallet, to ensure they remain in good condition. Avoid writing on or folding someone else's card unless given explicit permission.