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Clamshell Box Manufacturers

Product Description

The Book Type Gift Box, also known as the Clamshell Box, is made of an outer shell and an inner box. The shell is surrounded by the inner box. The bottom of the inner box and the back wall are glued with both sides of the shell. The upper cover part that is not glued can be opened upward.


Description of Value

The shape is like a beautiful book, which can be opened from one side like a book. According to different product design requirements,Clamshell Boxes are divided into single flap boxes and double flap boxes. One cover is a single flap, and the double flap is composed of a bottom box and two covers. The process required by the double flap packaging box is relatively complex.

Services Available

Clamshell Box is also one of the frequently selected items of high-end gift boxes. The box type is relatively simple, and some book type boxes need magnets and iron sheet auxiliary materials. Nowadays, the packaging of the gift box of the terminal products is indeed a hundred flowers blooming, which makes people look conspicuous. No matter whether the manufacturer wants to improve the sales volume or to attract the attention and love of consumers, it depends on the exquisite appearance to make consumers fall in love at first sight.

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    Scope of Application

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, not only the quality requirements of consumer products are getting higher and higher, but the requirements of the clamshell boxes are getting higher and higher, and the clamshell boxes are usually decorated, for example, engraving on the box body. Patterns, opening windows, making three-dimensional structures, etc.

Product Parameters

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    Solid bleached sulfate, recycled paperboards, coated art paper, kraft paper, special paper, etc.

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    Size & Color:

    Any size & any color is available.

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    Printing、Matte varnish、UV、Film covered、Gold blocking、Silver blocking、Emboss etc.

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    Addition parts:

    Silk ribbon,Gift box lining.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clamshell Box Wholesale

Jiaxing IZZA Printing Co., Ltd is China Clamshell Box suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have passed IS09001 quality system management certification, our company has strong technical force ad advanced printing equipment, such as four-color Heidelberger Speedmaster, Heidelberger Suprasetter,double-color Heidelbubrger offset press, Heidelberger GTO, HP Indigo 5600, etc. we can provide design, printing, and logistics with one-step service. We custom Clamshell Box wholesale direct from our factory.

High-End Equipment


  • German Speedmaster Four Colors

  • Heidelberg CTP output

  • Heidelberg two-color offset press

  • Heidelberg GTO, HP INDIGO 5600

  • Design, plate making, printing, binding, etc.

Fast And Efficient


  • Short delivery time

  • Professional follow-up

  • Find the problem and solve it
    as soon as possible

Customer Stability


  • Long-term and stable customer base

  • Cooperation with well-known enterprises
    at home and abroad

  • Accept nearly a thousand orders of
    different materials, shapes and styles

  • long-term printing work



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Industry knowledge

What are the advantages of using Clamshell Boxes? 

Clamshell boxes, also known as hinged-lid boxes or display boxes, offer several advantages for packaging and storing various products. Here are some of the advantages of using clamshell boxes:
Product Protection: Clamshell boxes provide excellent protection for the enclosed items. The sturdy construction and secure closure mechanism ensure that the products inside are safeguarded from external factors such as impacts, dust, moisture, and tampering. This is particularly beneficial for delicate or fragile items that require extra care during handling and transportation.
Visibility and Display: Clamshell boxes are designed to showcase the product inside. The clear or transparent plastic material allows customers to see the contents without opening the package. This feature is particularly useful for retail environments where visual presentation plays a crucial role in attracting potential buyers. Clamshell boxes enhance the product's visibility and allow for easy product identification.
Product Presentation: The hinged design of clamshell boxes allows them to be opened like a book, providing an attractive presentation of the product. It enables customers to inspect the item from different angles, assess its features, and make an informed purchasing decision. This interactive presentation style adds value to the overall customer experience.
Durability: Clamshell boxes are typically made from durable materials such as plastic or rigid paperboard. This ensures that the packaging is strong and resistant to damage, extending the lifespan of the product during storage and transit. The robust nature of clamshell boxes also makes them suitable for reusable or long-term storage purposes.
Security: Clamshell boxes often feature secure closure mechanisms, such as snap locks or tamper-evident seals, which provide an added layer of security. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access to the product, reduces the risk of theft, and ensures product integrity.
Customizability: Clamshell boxes offer a high degree of customizability in terms of shape, size, and design. They can be tailored to fit specific product dimensions, branding requirements, and display needs. Custom printing options allow businesses to add logos, product information, marketing messages, and attractive visuals to enhance brand recognition and product appeal.
Ease of Use: Clamshell boxes are user-friendly for both the seller and the consumer. They are easy to open and close, allowing for convenient access to the product. The packaging design often includes features such as interlocking tabs, handles, or tear strips that facilitate easy opening without the need for additional tools.

How do Clamshell Boxes open and close? 

Clamshell boxes, also known as hinged boxes, are designed to open and close like a clamshell, hence the name. They consist of two rigid halves joined together by a hinge mechanism. Here's how they open and close:
Opening the Clamshell Box:
Hold the box with one hand, grasping each half of the box on either side of the hinge.
Apply gentle pressure and pull the two halves apart, away from each other.
The hinge allows the two halves to pivot, creating an opening.
Closing the Clamshell Box:
Align the two halves of the box, making sure they are properly aligned along the hinge.
Press the two halves together firmly, ensuring that they fit snugly.
The hinge should allow the two halves to close and stay securely in place.
The specific type of hinge mechanism used can vary depending on the design and purpose of the clamshell box. Some common hinge mechanisms include metal or plastic hinges, living hinges (flexible plastic that acts as a hinge), or even tape or adhesive that holds the two halves together.