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Workmanship Effect Display

Jun 25,2021
Many customers have many doubts about our process when they see our product workmanship. For this reason, we have made the following sorting.
It is to wrap a layer of varnish on the pattern to be printed, so that the artistic effect and product brightness become more prominent, which can better protect the product surface, have high hardness, friction resistance and corrosion resistance, and also meet the requirements of environmental protection.
2. Color printing
Printing is essential for every product. It can be spot color or multiple color combinations.
3. Die cut
Die cutting is to process the product into the desired shape.
4. Gold blocking
Bronzing is a special printing process without ink. After bronzing, the product has clear and beautiful patterns and bright colors, and its brightness greatly exceeds that of printing.
5. Emboss / deboss
Striking convex / concave is to create 3D stereoscopic effect.
6. Film covering
Film covering is to cover a layer of transparent plastic film on the surface of the product. According to the different film materials, it is divided into bright film and matte film, which play the role of reflection or extinction respectively.
7. Hollowing
Hollowing out is to carve and process specific packaging materials and patterns, and form a transparent visual effect after hollowing out.
8. Sewing
Sewing is to sew two products together.