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What is UV?

Oct 24,2022
UV: an environmentally friendly printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure ink. 
UV ink: There are many environmentally friendly UV inks, including UV matte, UV ice flower, UV foaming, UV wrinkle, UV embossing, UV refraction, UV gems, UV light fixing ink, UV varnishing, etc. 
UV printing follows the 3E principles, including: 
1. Energy.UV cost is 1/5 of ordinary printing, ecological and economic. 
2. Ecology. The active chemical formula used in UV does not contain volatile solvents, which belongs to zero emission (low emission) technology and is conducive to environmental protection. Moreover, the UV process uses electric energy and has no carbon dioxide emissions. 
3. Economy.UV processing speed is fast, small site, high efficiency. 
Advantages of UV printing: 
1. Increase the artistic effect of the product and highlight the product features. 
2. Protect the product surface. 
3. Achieve environmental effects.