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See what kind of packaging boxes are suitable for your industry

Dec 15,2022
People rely on clothing, Buddha depends on gold clothing, and products depend on packaging.
The development of various industries is inseparable from the packaging industry. Just as people wear clothes as a habit and appearance, good products also need exquisite packaging to give people a good impression.

Especially in the era when people are pursuing spiritual enjoyment, gift boxes and outer packaging not only have the function of storage, insurance and moisture resistance, but also have the function of improving brand awareness and adding value.
If the packaging box is equipped with other functions that can be used and lived, then the packaging can also help businesses to carry out spontaneous and continuous advertising.
As the post-90s generation has become the backbone of consumption, the new generation of consumers especially love the appearance of products, and high-quality packaging boxes are doing their part to undertake the important task of improving product appearance.
The boutique packaging boxes are divided into many kinds of box types, such as book-shaped boxes, sky and earth covers, drawer boxes, special-shaped boxes, socket-type boxes, window-type boxes, etc. Each box type has its own characteristics. If you want to customize, How to choose the box type?
The first is the Tiandi box, which is the simplest box type in the boutique box. It is simple and convenient in workmanship, cheap in price and simple in appearance. The customization cycle of the packaging box is also relatively short, requiring cheap and fast options.
The second is the clamshell box, the biggest feature is that it is suitable for display, and the box shape is more beautiful, but the customized price is slightly more expensive than the Tiandi box, and some high-end products like to choose this box.
After that is the drawer box, a type of box that is less used. The opening method is the same as that of a drawer, and its characteristic is that it has a sense of mystery. However, the price of customization is relatively high, and the appearance is relatively ordinary, so it is rarely used.
Finally, there is the special-shaped box that is popular on the market. The biggest feature is that it has a novel appearance and can attract customers in the first place. The disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive.
In addition to the box type, many people are also very entangled in the choice of high-quality packaging box materials, because there are many types of box materials, such as wooden boxes, paper boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, iron boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated boxes And PVC boxes, etc.