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What are the key points of clothing bag design

Nov 17,2022
1. Pay attention to the timeliness of aesthetic changes
Time and aesthetic changes often have certain opposite characteristics. It is not uncommon for the popular aesthetic standards in one stage to go to the opposite in the next stage. Especially for products with strong timeliness, such as winter supplies, holiday supplies, clothing supplies, cosmetics, etc. Clothing products put forward more specific timeliness requirements for clothing packaging bags, which must be treated specifically in terms of form.

2. Pay attention to the locality of aesthetic changes
Different places have different aesthetic customs.
3. Pay attention to the comparison of packaging forms of similar clothing products
Pay attention to the comparison of packaging design of similar products, which is an important part of packaging design. The design should clearly emphasize the distinctiveness on the basis of the above points, and strive to design novel and unique clothing packaging bags. The form of packaging should be differentiated by paying attention to the comparison with similar designs. As a way of selling products, packaging design must pay attention to the competitiveness of design and seek changes. As for the traditional style of packaging of some clothing products, no sudden changes are made, just to maintain a certain sales stability.
4. Pay attention to the combination of functions and materials
The three-dimensional shape of the clothing packaging bag design and the flat treatment of each display surface must be combined with functions. The form should first meet the requirements of the protection and usability of the content, and at the same time pay attention to the combination of form changes and the physical and chemical properties of the selected materials. However, if the form is not used properly, it will weaken the effect of the form.
5. Pay attention to the communication of product information
The decoration of packaging can be said to be an advertisement for the contents. In the design, we should pay attention to the communication function of the packaging, and must clearly and accurately convey the content of the product and the characteristics of the product.
6. Cleverly use the arrangement of lines
Reasonable layout of lines, through the color contrast of different colors, the arrangement of different line thicknesses, and the further expansion of the lines, can make your clothing bags full of dynamic elements.
7. Combination of text and pictures
One of the important functions of clothing bags is to attract attention. In this respect, the picture owner plays an irreplaceable role. It must be a good idea to combine text and pictures ingeniously to form a two-dimensional and realistic illusion.
If the selected picture is very impactful, then the text can also be used as a frame, which is more conducive to enhancing the visual effect of the picture, so if this method is used for clothing bags, it can also have a good effect.