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Biodegradable Material

Apr 25,2021
Biodegradable materials - with the development of the global economy and the intensification of the greenhouse effect, more and more enterprises pay attention to the choice of product materials, and seek recyclable and degradable materials, hoping to make a contribution to global environmental governance.
What is biodegradable packaging?
Biodegradable materials include biodegradable natural polymer materials such as cellulose, starch, paper, etc., as well as biodegradable plastics obtained by biosynthesis or chemical synthesis.
Advantages of biodegradable materials
Biodegradable materials can be used not only in packaging products, but also in the production of trademarks and hangtags. The advantages of biodegradability include:
1. Easy to disassemble
Biodegradable packaging is easy to decompose under natural conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. This product does not contain additives and may begin to degrade when exposed to heat and light of the natural environment.
2. No pollution to the environment
It is completely different from the plastic packaging that is harmful to human health and needs hundreds of years to decompose. Its main component is cellulose, which will decompose into CO2, water and humus under the influence of the environment, and will not leave harmful substances that will pollute the living environment.
3. Safe and effective
Biodegradable packaging has optical characteristics, stability and excellent waterproof performance, so they help prevent bacterial invasion and help protect human health. In particular the type of packaging used to contain food.
4. Easy to make products
Biodegradable materials have strong plasticity, which is convenient for the production and plasticity of products, and also includes the addition of printing and other processes.