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How to care for leather labels: avoid friction and impact, keep away from sunlight and high temperature

Apr 18,2024
Leather labels, as part of the product, often carry dual information about the brand and product. They not only add a unique identity to the product, but also reflect the brand image. However, over time, leather labels may suffer wear and lose their original luster due to various external factors. Therefore, how to protect leather labels from friction and impact, and prevent them from fading and aging due to sunlight and high temperature, has become an important issue in the maintenance of leather labels.

Friction and impact are the most common "enemies" of leather labels. During daily storage and transportation, leather labels are easily scratched by sharp objects or hit due to improper handling methods. These seemingly minor damages are enough to make the appearance of the leather label mottled and even affect its functionality. Therefore, we must always pay attention to ensure that the labels are in a safe environment during storage and transportation, avoid contact with sharp objects, and prevent impact.

In addition to physical damage, sunlight and high temperature are also natural enemies of leather labels. When exposed to sunlight for a long time, the pigments in the leather will gradually decompose, causing the label to fade; while high temperatures will evaporate the oil in the leather, making it dry and easily cracked. Therefore, when we store leather labels, we should choose a place that is dark, ventilated and with a suitable temperature to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperature environments.

In order to better protect leather labels, we can also take some additional measures. For example, labels can be wrapped in soft cloth or plastic bags during storage to reduce direct contact with the outside world; during transportation, special boxes or bags can be used to secure the labels to prevent them from being damaged during transportation. Displacement or collision.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of leather labels is also essential. Use a special leather cleaner to remove stains and dust from the surface of the label, while a leather care agent can provide a protective film for the label to enhance its waterproof and anti-fouling properties. Of course, when choosing cleaners and conditioners, we should choose them according to the material and color of the leather to avoid damage to the leather due to improper use.

Maintaining leather labels requires careful care, from avoiding friction and impact to keeping away from sunlight and high temperatures. Every detail cannot be ignored. Only in this way can we ensure that leather labels maintain good appearance and quality for a long time, adding lasting charm to goods and brands.